The Spa

H_b40e1fb853Casali dell’Osteria, together with the exclusive spa “Centro Benessere”, offers:

* – Indoor heated swimming pool in front of a breath-taking view, provided with upstream swimming, hydro-massage and cervical jets.

* – Water beds.

* – Relaxation area.
- Various body treatments, such as massage therapies, clay baths and watsu.

* – Fitness corner

* – Herbal teas.

* – Fitness corner

(* all the services listed above are included in the admission ticket)


Massage therapy

Good news! Massage therapy is now available and can be enjoyed inside the apartments, near the swimming pool or in front of the fireplace while tasting an exquisite Tuscan wine or the delightful Val d’Orcia organic herbal teas.

Relaxing massage

Massage is an ancient therapy; an everyday natural gesture since rubbing an aching shoulder or other painful body parts is an instinctive movement.
The purpose of a massage therapy is to preserve and improve mental wellness, relieving tensions and strains thanks to precise hand movements on the body.
- Relaxing massage 60 minutes €50
- Relaxing massage 90 minutes €75
Winding-down massage
A massage which relaxes muscles after physical activities, improving the recovery.
Strained muscles, blood circulation, the drainage of the toxins produced during exercise and the oxygenation of the tissues are all improved through the winding-down massage.
A winding-down massage is especially recommended after physical activities because it helps reactivating the flexibility of the muscles.
Leg massage, 40 minutes €40
Back massage (nape and spine), 40 minutes €40

Baby massage, for children under 10 y.o.
The massage improves the wellness of the child, easing tensions caused by new situations, stress or minor discomforts. It helps the child to understand his or her body, fostering inner growth and the feeling of being loved and supported.
The massage stimulates, improves and regulates the circulatory, respiratory, muscular, immune and gastrointestinal systems, preventing and easing colics and sleep-wake cycle disorders.
Baby massage, 30 minutes €25