I Casali dell’Osteria

10153076_10152185590579888_6905442925743936764_n“…Pienza distesa su dolce collina, gli fanno i cipressi corona, armigeri di una regina dalla struggente beltà. Un dì volle il fato benigno un misero borgo cambiare in impareggiabile scrigno che più prezioso non c’è. Di la dalla valle gigante l’Amiata si staglia nel cielo da secoli come un amante, veglia fedele su te!

An old song about the history of the town of Pienza, which started as an humble village in the middle of the valley but has now become a treasure, always protected by the watchful guard of mount Amiata.

Casali dell’Osteria is located in the heart of the Val d’Orcia and offers a wonderful view over mount Amiata, the towns of Radicofani and Montichiello, the Rocca d’Orcia and the castle of Spedaletto, a castle built in the 13th century as a haven for pilgrims and travellers.

The owners of the estate live nearby and take good care of the rural house. They are always available to help their guests with whatever they may need.

Protected parking lot / Cooking classes / Pottery classes

Nature has taken over the countryside of Siena, creating breathtaking colourful sceneries where many species of animals can easily be spotted.
The farmsteads have been exquisitely renovated.

Join us in an oasis of peace and serenity, in the heart of the Val d’Orcia valley.